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Earning miles

You can start earning miles as soon as you have enrolled with Miles & More.

Naturally you earn miles when you fly, but it is also very easy to earn miles with a large number of interesting partners from a wide range of sectors.
Award, status and HON Circle miles

There are three different kinds of miles:

  • Award miles. These can be spent on awards and remain valid for 36 months. For Frequent Travellers, Senators, HON Circle Members and JetFriends, award miles remain valid without time limit as long as you retain your status.

  • Status miles. These determine your Frequent Traveller and Senator status and are counted in the calendar year in which they are credited. Every status mile is also counted as an award mile.

  • HON Circle miles. These count towards achieving HON Circle status. They are counted over two successive years.

Earn miles on flights

From domestic flights to round-the-world trips, you can earn award miles on virtually every flight operated by the Miles & More airline partners. Depending on the airline, you may be able to earn status and HON Circle miles as well.

To earn miles, enter your Miles & More card number when you make your booking or simply present it at the check-in.

Earn miles with hotel, travel and car rental partners

Whenever you stay in a hotel owned by one of our hotel partners, whether it is a holiday, business or luxury hotel, your mileage account receives a miles credit. And with our four big, international car rental partners, you can earn miles every time you rent a car.

Earn miles with other partners

When you’re out on a shopping spree, you will find a whole array of Miles & More partners who will reward your purchases with miles: perfumeries, fashion stores, newspaper and magazine publishers and online bookstores, to mention but a few.


Spending miles

Air travel, weekend trips, a new suitcase or a miles donation. Allow yourself to be inspired - we offer a wealth of opportunities to spend your accumulated miles.

Spend miles on flights and upgrades

You can book flight awards with all the Star Alliance airline partners and the other Miles & More airline partners. 
Upgrade awards are a way of upgrading an air ticket already booked to a higher class of service and can be booked with many Star Alliance partners and also Condor.

Spend miles on hotel accommodation

You can spend your miles on accommodation in top hotels and dream resorts.

Spend miles on car rentals

You can also spend award miles on car rentals.

Spend miles on merchandise awards

A huge range of merchandise awards awaits you in the stores of a long list of partners from different sectors.

Spend miles on a good cause

Do some good with your miles. For example, as a Miles & More member you could, with your award miles, enable a teenager in India to go to school, ensure the care of an orphaned child in Thailand or replant forests.