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PartnerPlusBenefit is the online incentive programme for corporate customers.

How do you benefit?

  • Reduction in your company's travel expenses even if your company only flies a few times a year

  • Valuable awards

  • Excellent worldwide network of flight connections

  • Participation is free of charge and there is no minimum travel spend required

that's PartnerPlusBenefit !

How the programme works?

On every flown sector, operated by Airline Partners, your company collects valuable BenefitPoints which can be exchanged for:

  • free flights

  • upgrades

  • cash

  • WorldShop goods

PartnerPlusBenefit makes sound sense for any company - including yours!

 Special enrollment promotions

  • Register now and you will receive 1000 bonus BenefitPoints to welcome you onboard!

  • Register now and any flown sectors made within the last three months can be retroactively credited to you account. All you have to do after the registration process is enter your flown ticket numbers and BenefitPoints will be automatically credited to your account.